Mobius Development Portfolio

I am the Art Lead for an Indieboids game, Mobius, a 2D two-person puzzle game. The demo is available on and the full game will be released Summer 2020.

Concept Art

The game was originally pitched as “Ouroboros,” a two-player art-nouveau puzzle game which took place in an endless hotel. The following are environment and prop art from Ouroboros that I inked and colored. The environment was designed by Kelly Lallemand and the key was designed by Paula Navarro Ulriksen.

As Ouroboros became Mobius, we revisited our art style and moved into a science museum. The following are concepts aimed at revamping the game’s look, texture, and color palate, with a focus on the Lobby (Level 1).

Final Assets

We settled on sleek environments and paper textures. The following are the final versions of the Lobby (Level 1) and the Scientist’s Lab (Level 2). The Lobby includes a banner designed by Ariana Riccio, and the Scientist’s Lab contains a space background by Jay Chen and props by Yalin Zhang.

The Scientific Observation Journal is accessible from the UI. I animated the journal opening and closing and created most interior elements. Blank sticky notes were made by Jay Chen; newspaper scraps were written by Casey Fields, composed by Kristy Mihalyi, and finalized by me.

Promotional Art

I cleaned up the mobius logo, created by Yalin Zhang, and composed it with a handwritten title on the space background by Jay Chen. We considered other handwritten versions of the title as well.

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