Role: Art Lead and Narrative Designer

Mobius is a two player puzzle game, developed by IndieBoids Studio and released in September 2020. It won the Worldbuilding Award at the UCSC Games Showcase 2020.

See the Art Lead development process here.

Stellar Salvage

Role: Concept Artist and Illustrator

Stellar Salvage is a competitive sci-fi card game by Nathan Altice. See a larger collection of prop designs here.

Character Art

Character sketches from an in-development webcomic.

Album Artwork

Covers for “Whose Camp” by Whose and “Earlier Today” by Ollie Oxyn.

3D Art

3D art made in Maya 2019 with hand painted textures.

3D character model made in Nomad Sculpt and Maya 2019 with hand painted textures for Tadpole Golf in 3D. Environment models and textures by Paula Navarro Ulrisken and Kelly Lallemand.

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