Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries

Role: PC Port Production Manager and Marketing

Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries is a hidden object game, developed by Three Gates and published for PC by Legacy Games.

It’s 1952, and the U.S. Air Force is operating a top-secret investigation: Project Blue Book. As a newly recruited agent, it’s your job to uncover the truth behind these real declassified UFO sightings.

Production of the PC port for Project Blue Book: Hidden Mysteries, included scheduling, system and narrative design adjustments and QA. Marketing for this project involved copywriting, asset work, ad campaigns, and more.


Role: Art Lead, and Narrative Designer

Mobius is a two player puzzle game, developed by IndieBoids Studio and released in September 2020. It won the Worldbuilding Award at the UCSC Games Showcase 2020.

The Art Lead role involved style development, scheduling, and collaboration. In addition to developing and rendering 2D environments and animations for the game, I also worked on narrative design and revision. The full art development process can be seen here.

Tadpole Golf in 3D

Role: Character Design and Modeling

Tadpole Golf in 3D is a swimmy, golfy experience! Developed by IndieBoids Studio and released in October 2020.

Terry the Tadpole was sculpted in Nomad Sculpt and Maya 2019. Environment models and textures by Paula Navarro Ulrisken and Kelly Lallemand.

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